warrior20.jpg (13502 bytes)

black.gif (841 bytes)Special Ruggedized Designed for Police or Fire
  Department, Oil Refinery, Power Plant, Construction,
  Telecommunication Industry and Field Service Engineer
  with a Water and Shock Resistant Magnesium Chassis
(U.S. MIL-STD 810E Certified)
black.gif (841 bytes)Intel® Mobile Pentium® III Processor 500/600MHz and
  Up to 320MB Memory.
black.gif (841 bytes)12.1" Active Matrix Anti-reflective Display.
black.gif (841 bytes)Backlit Keyboard for Night-time Operation.
black.gif (841 bytes)Fault Tolerant Isolation Design for Field Replaceable /
  Upgradable with Minimum Response Time.
black.gif (841 bytes)Lowest Cost of Total Ownership.  
black.gif (841 bytes)Optional User Friendly Hot swappable Office and   
  Vehicle Dock System Offering a Tracking Unit and
  Mobile Terminal System.
black.gif (841 bytes)Optional Internal Wireless Ethernet Card and Modem
  Provide the Perfect Solution for Field Service Engineer.

Warrior 2000 Specification and Options

Processor black.gif (841 bytes)Intel®  Mobile Pentium® III  Processor 500/600 MHz
Core Logic black.gif (841 bytes)Intel® 440BX-100 Host Bridge System Controller
Cache black.gif (841 bytes)L2 256 KB Cache on Die
Memory black.gif (841 bytes)64MB SDRAM Standard, Optional 64/128/192/320MB
Display black.gif (841 bytes)12.1" Active Matrix Anti-reflective Display 800X600 Resolution
  with 24bit/16M Colors
black.gif (841 bytes)Optional Touch Screen with Pen Input
black.gif (841 bytes)Optional Sunlight Readable LCD
Video system black.gif (841 bytes)AGP Compliant 128-bit Video Engine with 2.5 MB Embedded
Audio System black.gif (841 bytes)Built-in 16-bit Sound Card with Stereo Speakers
Storage black.gif (841 bytes)Removable 3.5" 1.44MB FDD can be Replaced with Optional
  24X CD-ROM Drive, DVD Drive, LS-120 Super Drive
Hard Drive black.gif (841 bytes)Removable 2.5" HDD 6/12GB
PC CARD Slots black.gif (841 bytes)Two Type II PCMCIA Slots or One Type III Slot, Cardbus and
  ZV Port Supported
BIOS black.gif (841 bytes)Flash ROM System BIOS with Advanced Power Management
Battery black.gif (841 bytes)Removable 10.8V 4500mAh Smart Lithium-Ion Battery
Keyboard black.gif (841 bytes)89-Key Backlit Win95 Compatible Keyboard
Pointing Device black.gif (841 bytes)PS/2 Interface, Touch Pad with Two Tap Buttons
I/O Ports black.gif (841 bytes)EPP/ECP Compliant Parallel Port / Two RS-232 Serial Ports
   / PS2 Mouse Port / PS2 Keyboard Connector
  External CRT Port / Fast Infrared Port / USB Port / DC-In /
  Line-Out / MIC-in / Docking Port 
AC Adapter black.gif (841 bytes)100-240V~1.2A 50-60Hz Universal AC Input
black.gif (841 bytes)20V~2.5A/50W DC Output
Weight black.gif (841 bytes)11.1 lbs. (5.4kg) with 12.1" Display, Battery, FDD and HDD
Dimension black.gif (841 bytes)12.3"(W)X9.7"(D)X2.5"(H) (312mmX246mmX62.5mm)
  with 12.1" LCD Configuration
Operating System black.gif (841 bytes)Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/NT
Options black.gif (841 bytes)120MB LS-120 Drive
black.gif (841 bytes)Swappable 24X CD-ROM Drive
black.gif (841 bytes)Swappable DVD-ROM Drive
black.gif (841 bytes)Secondary 10.8V 4500mAH Smart Lithium-Ion Battery
black.gif (841 bytes)Wireless Ethernet Card or Wireless Modem
black.gif (841 bytes)Ruggedized Vehicle Adapter (10V-32V DC)
black.gif (841 bytes)Touch Screen with Pen Input
black.gif (841 bytes)Sunlight Readable LCD
black.gif (841 bytes)Car Adapter (12V Input)
black.gif (841 bytes)Dual Battery Charger
black.gif (841 bytes)Office Docking Station (Two Serial / Parallel / USB / PS2
  Port, One PCI Slot)
black.gif (841 bytes)Vehicle Docking Station(Two Serial / Parallel / USB / PS2
  Port / Screen Stiffener)
black.gif (841 bytes)Rugged  / Pelican Case

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